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Development analysis of domestic plastic products industry

With the price of crude oil plummeting, the price difference between plastic and recycled materials is getting smaller and smaller, even upside down to no profit. The regulations of waste plastic environmental protection are more and more strict and sound. Industry access to guide the industry regularization, automation, green direction of development, although crude oil is the source of the entire petrochemical industry, the price of crude oil determines the cost of the petrochemical industry to a certain extent, and plastic products are no exception. But plastic products are at the end of the petrochemical industry chain, in addition to the impact of oil prices, the price has a very important relationship with the prosperity of the downstream industry.

 Since the supplier can import a large amount of raw materials from abroad, the upstream resin suppliers of plastic products are in full competition stage. The reason is that the price of resin is related to international crude oil price, and other resins such as PP and PVC have futures trading market and provide guidance for spot trading. There is a lot of choice in the industry, but the bargaining power is limited.

 Competition within the industry with the plastics industry scale and differentiation of the promotion, enterprise is paying attention to its own subdivision field to carry out differential production, some small and medium-sized enterprises without unique technology will gradually lag behind the overall development of the industry. Because the downstream industry is numerous, but in this kind of subdivision industry enterprise competition is more intense.

    There are almost 20,000 companies in the buyer's plastic industry, and almost every enterprise has production capacity. It makes the majority of enterprises in the industry have no bargaining power for the downstream customers, and the industry boom depends on the operation of the downstream industry.

    The new entrants go into the plastic products industry have entered the lower threshold, and the industry has also developed to scale, so small enterprises are more risky in this industry. But for the conventional plastic products industry has now entered a relatively mature stage, high-tech enterprises with technical characteristics will have great room for development.Instead, the enterprises can say that the plastic itself is a substitute, a new type of modified plastic products to the ordinary plastic and traditional metal, wood and other profiles. Although modified plastic is the development trend, but cannot ignore the price advantage of traditional plastic, this replacement is complementary, making the variety of plastic products more complete and more selective.

    Relevant government departments and industry experts delivered a keynote speech on the policy trends in 2017 and the new international trends in industrial development, the delegates exchanged discussions on issues such as management innovation and business model innovation of industry enterprises. The representative of the department for energy conservation and comprehensive utilization at the ministry of industry and information technology stressed at the meeting, the development of renewable resources industry has become an important component of the green environmental protection industry. It is the new driving force for green growth. It is of great significance to promote the development of renewable resources industry to promote supply-side structural reform, to supplement green development and to build ecological civilization. Recycling industry is an important part of the renewable resources industry. During the 13th five-year plan period, we will vigorously promote the development of "new plastic economy", upgrade the level of technology and equipment in the industry, and cultivate leading enterprises to guide the growth of the industry.


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