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Waht Is Nylon Washer

The nylon washer has excellent insulation performance, nonmagnetic, heat insulation, light weight. Individual material of the plastic gasket has high temperature resistance, high strength, corrosion resistance. Some nylon washer have fall prevention function, which are widely used in various industrial fields.


Nylon is a synonym of synthetic resin. Using macromolecule material as raw material, to become a solid with useful shape via manually processing. But not including fiber, rubber, paint and adhesive, etc. Plastic has the following three conditions: the material is polymer material, the shape is useful shape after manually processing, under the normal is solid. As the name implies, nylon ring is made of nylon. At home, nylon washer is usually referred to as resin washer, plastic or nylon ring washer(the most common plastic gasket on domestic market is made of nylon 66).


Compared with metal gasket, nylon washer has excellent insulation, corrosion resistance, insulation and non magnetic performance and with light weight, widely used in semiconductor, automotive, aerospace and interior decoration and other fields. The types of material is up to more than 10 kinds, including PA66, PC, special engineering plastics PEEK(which has the best performance), RENY and PPS, fluorine resin PTFE, PFA and PVD, etc.

In the application of nylon washer fasteners series, the main classification has the following several criteria:

Metric plastic washer: GB-The Chinese national standard

American plastic washer: ANSI-American national standards (American standard)

DE plastic washer: DIN-The German national standard (din) ASME - Standard of American society of mechanical engineers


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