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Processing technology of Plastic Material

    Plastic molding is the process of making a final plastic product from a polymer made of a synthetic resin factory. The processing method (usually called plastic processing) ,including compression molding, extrusion (extrusion) and injection molding (injection molding), blow molding (blow molding), rolling etc..

A.Blister:When the sheet material is heated to a certain temperature, the plastic sheet is adsorbed on the surface of the model by the negative pressure generated by the vacuum pump, and then the plastic sheet is changed into a bubble cover or a bubble shell with different shapes by cooling and shaping.

B.Plastic pressure:Compression molding is mainly used in phenolic resin, urea formaldehyde resin, unsaturated polyester resin and other thermosetting plastic molding.
C.Extrusion:Also known as extrusion extrusion molding, extrusion machine is used (extruder) will be heated by continuous extrusion method of resin mold, shape of the required products. Extrusion molding sometimes have to thermosetting plastic, and can be used for foam molding. The advantages of extruded products can be extruded with various shapes, high production efficiency, automation and continuous production; the disadvantage is widely adopted this method cannot thermosetting plastic processing, the product size is prone to bias.
Injection molding:Injection molding is used for injection molding machine (or injection machine) to melt the thermoplastic melt under high pressure into the mold cooling, curing method. Injection molding can also be used for thermoset plastics and foam molding,it has the advantages of high production speed, high efficiency, and automatic operation, forming complex parts, especially suitable for mass production. Its disadvantage is the high cost of equipment and molds, injection molding machine cleaning more difficult.
E.Blow:Blow molding also known as hollow blow molding or hollow. Blow molding is used for compressed air pressure to close the mold in the mold of hot plastic products for the expansion of hollow products.Blow molding, including blow molding film and blow molding hollow products. Blow molding method can be used in the production of film products, such as  a variety of bottles, barrels, pots and other children's toys.
F. Calender:Calender is resin and various additives for expected processing (kneading and filtering) through the calender of two or more in favor of the opposing calender roll gap is processed into a film or sheet, then from the calender roller peeling off, and then by a molding method for cooling and shaping. Calendering is mainly used for the forming method of polyvinyl chloride resin, can make films, sheet, artificial leather, floor tiles and other products.

G.Foam molding:Foaming agent (PVC, PE, PS, etc.) is added into the proper foaming agent to make the plastic produce the micropore structure. Almost all thermosets and thermoplastics can be made into foam plastics. According to the pore structure is divided into open celled foams (feel most connected with each other and closed cell foam pores) (most pores are separated from each other), which is mainly composed of manufacturing methods (including chemical foaming, physical foaming and foaming machine) decision.

Our factory is usually use injection molding method to manufacture our products,like plastic handles,plastic knobs,plastic adjustable feet,plastic pipe plug,tube end cap,leveling feet etc..


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