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The Identification Method of Plastic Material

    As we all know,plastic knob,plastic handles,plastic adjustable feet,plastic pipe plug are all made in plastic material,but there are so many types of plastic material,such as ABS,PE,PC,TPE,PVC etc.Different plastic products use different material because of their different function.

    Due to the complex plastic material consumption channels, some of the plastic material is difficult to distinguish from the appearance simplely after consumption , therefore, it is a best choice to be marked on the plastic material varieties. China reference to American Association of plastic material (SPE) which is proposed and the implementation of the development of cultivars GB/T16288 - 2008 "plastic material packaging products recycling, which can use the tag to facilitate sorting, but as there are so much unmarked plastic products in China, which bring us difficult to the sorting them, for different varieties of plastic respectively, so that separation and recovery, we must first master the identification of different knowledge of plastic, plastic simple identification method described below:

    Appearance discrimination:observing the appearance of plastic material, plastic products can be initially identified as the major categories: thermoplastic, thermosetting plastics or elastomers.

    Density method:examining a variety of plastic density, liquid medium of the ups and downs of the phenomenon, can roughly identify the types of plastic material, plastic material which put in the water can float on the surface, it can determine the raw material is not PVC.

    Combustion method: burning odor and smoke from the burning flame color and view by burning plastic material, usually polyolefin material combustion flame is more blue or light blue, light, moderate and smell the smoke is white, and most with benzene or chlorine raw materials after burning easy black smoke, and the smell is strong, that is ABS. In addition, such as PE, PP has the phenomenon of drop burning, and PVC is no dripping, but there are self extinguishing phenomenon.

    Optical method: Identifying by observing,the raw materials is transparent, and transparent material commonly used are: PS, PC, PMMA, AS; translucent raw materials: PE, PP, random copolymer and homopolymer PP, soft PVC, ABS transparent, opaque materials, and other material is not transparent.

    Color discrimination method: Generally speaking, if the plastic do not add raw materials,or if it contains a double bond, the color will be slightly yellow, such as ABS.Due to butadiene copolymerization, polymerization, the polymer contains double bonds, so it will be slightly yellow.

    Totally speaking,the plastic material is usually use the above methods to identify,if you have any question please feel free to contact us,many thanks.


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