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The Introduction of Hot Runner Mould

    Hot runner mold is a mold which uses the heating device to make the flow of the melt in the flow channel from beginning to the end.Most of manufacturers will use them to mold the plastic products, like plastic handles  knob for furniture,plastic adjustable feet for chairs,plastic pipe plugs for tubes. Because it is shorter than the traditional mold forming cycle, and also save more economical materials,.Nowadays,hot runner mold  in industrial developed countries and regions have been extremely widely used.

    a typical hot runner system is composed of the following parts:

    1. hot runner plate (MANIFOLD)

    2. nozzle (NOZZLE)

    3. temperature controller

    4. auxiliary parts

    The advantages of Hot Runner Mold:

    1.Cycle shortening,

    Molding cycle is shortened, because there is no limit to the cooling time of runner system, the parts can be formed after curing. Many of the thin wall parts molding cycle which is produced by hot runner molds can be in 5 seconds.

    2.Plastic material saving,

    In the pure hot runner mold because there is no cold runner, so no production charges. This is particularly important for the application of the plastic price of your project. In fact, the world's major hot runner manufacturers are in the world of oil and plastic raw materials prices have been the rapid development of the high. Hot runner technology is an effective way to reduce the cost of materials.
    3.Waste material reducing

    Reducing waste material, and improving product quality. In the hot runner mold forming process, the plastic melt temperature in the runner system to get accurate control. The plastic can flow into each cavity in a more uniform state, and the result is a consistent quality part. Hot runner molding parts of the good quality of the gate, after the release of residual stress is low, deformation of small parts. So many high quality products on the market are produced by hot runner mold. 

    4.Production automation,

    Eliminating the follow-up process,which is conducive to the production automation. After the hot runner mold is formed, the parts are finished, and not need to trim the gate and recycle the cold runner.
    The disadvantages of Hot Runner Mold:

    1.Costs Rising

    Hot runner component prices are more expensive, hot runner mold costs may be significantly increased. If the parts production is small, the tool cost ratio is high, the economy is not cost-effective. For many developing countries, the price of the hot runner system is one of the main problems that affect the widespread use of hot runner molds.

   2.High requirements of Equipment  

    Manufacturing process equipment requires a high, hot runner mold requires precision machining machinery for guarantee. The integration and coordination of hot runner system and mold is very strict, otherwise there will be a lot of serious problems in the process of production. Such as plastic seal is not good lead to plastic overflow damage to the production of hot runner components, nozzle insert and the relative position of the gate is not good lead to serious decline in the quality of products, etc.
   3.Complex operation and maintenance

    Comparing with the cold runner mold, hot runner mold operation and maintenance are more complicated. For example, the use of improper operation is very easy to damage the hot runner parts, so that production can not be carried out, resulting in huge economic losses. For hot runner mold of new users, it needs a long time to accumulate experience.

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