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The Classification of The Plastic

Classification by plastic use characteristics

According to the different characteristics of various plastic materials, plastic raw materials are usually divided into general plastic raw materials, engineering plastic raw materials and special plastic raw materials

Three types of materials:

1.General plastic materials

Generally refers to the plastic which is large yield , wide use, good formability and cheap, such as polyethylene (PE plastic raw materials), polypropylene (PP plastic raw materials), phenolic and so on

2.Engineering plastic materials

The general refer to the plastic that can resist external force and high and low temperature performance, which has good mechanical properties and dimensional stability. It can be used as engineering plastic, such as polyamide, polysulfone etc. it is usually divided into general engineering plastics and special engineering plastics. General engineering plastics is including: polyoxymethylene, polyamide, polycarbonate, modified polyphenylene, thermoplastic polyester, UHMWPE, methylpentene polymer, vinyl alcohol copolymer etc. . Special engineering plastics is divided to to cross linking type and non-cross linking type.

3. Special plastic materials

Generally refers to the plastic which has a special function and can be used for aviation, aerospace and other special applications area .Reinforced plastic and organic siliconFoam plastics have special properties of high strength and high buffer, Those plastics is called special plastic.



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