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The influence of Halloween on the economy of various countries

November 1st is the traditional western holiday of Halloween, also known as "all saints' day", which originated from the ancient Celtic people's New Year festival and later became an important religious festival. As time goes by, the religious atmosphere fades away, and Halloween becomes a relaxed Carnival around the world. “The Eve of All Hallows” on October 31st is the most exciting occasion of the festival.

    Halloween consumption hit a record high.

    In the west, Halloween is the most popular holiday after Christmas, and it is also the eighth largest consumer festival in the United states. Halloween is the eighth largest consumer holiday in the United states. Halloween consumption in the United States showed a gradual upward trend, and maintaining an average annual growth rate of 12% from 2006 to 2016, the growth rate of GDP in the United States is mostly hovering at 1% and 2% during this period.


    Britain is the origin of Halloween, so the festival atmosphere is very strong. During Halloween, the sections of central London are blocked and used as places for festive activities. The biggest nightclub in London has Halloween parties on October 31st night, which will be all night partying. There will also be a ghost street theater, ghost fashion show, band performances and other activities to invite visitors to interact together. In 2001, UK stores sold 12 million pounds of Halloween related products, and the total Halloween consumption in the UK will reach 481 million pounds this year, with fashion consumption growing at its fastest rate of 3.1 percent.

    Canadians hold a pumpkin festival before Halloween. People will buy pumpkins in large quantities to make special pumpkin pie, pumpkin cake or other special snacks. On the pumpkin festival, Canada will also hold pumpkin competition to decide the biggest pumpkin of the year. After that, they will make huge pumpkin carving, and they will make boats and go boating.

    Unlike other countries, Halloween is not a traditional festival in France. Most French people will honor the dead by presenting chrysanthemums at Montmartre cemetery and father raz's cemetery on Halloween.

    Halloween Drives the Asian market

    Although Halloween is a traditional holiday in western countries, it has become increasingly popular in Asian countries, especially Japan and China in recent years.

    In Japan, Halloween is a favorite holiday for young people, and they are even more enthusiastic about it than Valentine's day. In 2011, the Japanese Halloween market was 56 billion yen, which doubled by Halloween in 2014, exceeding the market size of 108 billion yen per Valentine day.

    In 2016, Tokyo Shibuya has about 1 million people in the streets on Halloween Costume party. According to a survey of 2000 Japanese young people, their average budget for Halloween in 2017 was 3691 yen.

    In recent years, the Chinese people pay more attention to Halloween. The enthusiasm for Halloween is rising year by year with the consumer groups of "post-80s" and "post-90s", making it almost a carnival for young people. According to Baidu index monitoring, nearly 30 days, "Halloween" word in Baidu search index doubled 28 times, the frequency compared with the same period last year increased by 18%.


    The popularity of Halloween has also brought huge business opportunities to small businesses that are "made in China". In fact, most of the retail holiday masks, costumes and handicrafts in the United States are mostly made in China. It has greatly affected the development of China's economy.


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