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The advantage and disadvantage of polypropylene

The advantage and disadvantage of polypropylene

Polypropylene is widely used in our life. We use it to produce plastic feet, plastic handle, plastic knob, etc. Everything has its own features. We must understand its characteristics then decide it's usage better.
At room temperature,the mechanical properties of polypropylene is better than PE ABS PS. Especially when temperature over 80 ℃, it's mechanical properties doesn't decreased greatly. 
The surface hardness of polypropylene is less than PS ABS but is higher than PE  and have excellent surface gloss. Therefore, it can do home appliance shell, etc.
The most obvious feature of the polypropylene is it has good resistance to bending fatigue resistance. The adjustable hinge of polypropylene production, can withstand the folding bending of hundreds of thousands of times without damage.
The superiority of polypropylene is that it can resistance to boiling water for cooking without damage. Therefore, it's suitable for making medical instruments, and utensils.
The horizontal tensile strength of polypropylene is particularly large. Therefore, it has good ability of fibre-forming, is suitable for making fiber and ropes.
Polypropylene  resistance to acid and alkali resistant and many organic solvents, has good electrical insulation performance.
The biggest disadvantage of polypropylene is that it's high rigidity is not enough, and brittle at the low temperature.The environmental capacity of is poor, it's easy yellowing, discolor and become brittle. The anisotropy of tensile strength is large, products easy to deformation.The printing performance is poor.
Application: produce woven bag, fiber, ropes, nets, pipeline, packaging, shrink packaging film, medical equipment, cooking utensils, food packaging, resistant acid and alkali containers,  home appliances shell, wire, cable, etc.


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