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The difference between carbon steel and stainless steel

The difference between carbon steel and stainless steel

Carbon Steel is a steel that not added other alloying elements expect for Carbon. Carbon is actually controlled by a certain level, it is more hardness than pure iron. But there is not corrosion resistance.

Galvanized steel is on the surface of the steel which plated with a layer of zinc, iron such as the drum, which resistance to corrosion.the corrosion mechanism is that the electrochemical corrodes the surface and then takes place in the corrosion of zinc to protect iron.

Stainless steel refers to the amount of Cr greater than or equal to 13%, which is stainless alloy steel in the atmosphere.There is many types of stainless steel,such as  ferritic stainless steel, authenticate stainless steel, materialistic stainless steel, etc.The corrosion resistance of different stainless steels is different, and the corrosion resistance of different mediums is also different.

The three of them can be distinguished, carbon steel is black, but galvanized steel surface is zinc, not iron, so the surface is white, stainless steel is also white.

Carbon steel and stainless steel is also different in the magnetic field,but there is no difference between Carbon steel and galvanized steel.Stainless steel generally do not own magnetic, but not absolute. Authenticate is no magnetic,but ferrite is owned magnetic, and relatively weak.



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